Closer to the Moon: Bereshit Israeli vessel successfully completes key maneuver


Post thumbnailThe photo of the Israeli flag on the way to the moon. / Photo: SpaceIL

Next Thursday, around 11 o'clock (Israeli time), the Israeli space module Bereshit is expected to land on the lunar surface.

The Bereshit spacecraft completed a major maneuver on its arrival on the Moon after 41 days in space. After the maneuver, the module was able to "catch" itself in the orbit of the Moon, a critical step on the way to completing its objective.

After several moments of tension during the maneuver, the nerves became joy. Morris Kahan, who donated about $ 40 million to the project, said enthusiastically: "The eight-year work was successful, we will succeed."

Although apparently the maneuver has been successful, they warn that the final results will be known in a few hours, even if "everything looks excellent".

According to the plan, on Sunday will significantly reduce the speed of the module and on Monday will approach about 400 km from the moon. On Wednesday, the module will be about 15 km away and is expected to land on the Moon's surface on Thursday before midnight.

If the process is successfully completed, Israel will be the fourth country to be able to send a spacecraft to the moon.


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