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Apple will not build the Airpower wireless charging station. On Friday night, the computer maker canceled the product it had promised to the customer 18 months ago.

Airpower should have charged the Iphone, the Smartwatch, and the Airpods wireless headphones.

Apple hardware chief Dan Riccio apologized to customers and said the company had decided to cancel because airpower had not reached "our high standards."

The cancellation is an embarrassment to the company, known for its technologies and launches of carefully choreographed products.

Apple Inc. introduced the product for the first time in September 2017 and announced that it would be delivered in 2018. However, product development performance issues have delayed the process. The cancellation now seems to have dropped suddenly.

Apple has loudly approved airpower production earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal recently reported. And the latest version of the wireless charging Airpods that hit stores this week says they're "working with airpower." A person familiar with the situation told the Wall Street Journal that Apple halted production of airpower after it discovered that production costs were too high, that the block had problems with overheating and did not reliably charge all devices, especially the Apple Watch. could. Apple declined to comment.

Apple has recently been criticized more often for the quality of new products. For example, keyboard problems with Macbook laptops have led to consumer complaints. And last year the company offered rebates on replacing Iphones' batteries after a software upgrade tapered Iphones with older batteries

Under the command of CEO Tim Cook, Apple has postponed some products. Wireless airbuds were delayed in 2016, and the intelligent Homepod speaker was not available until Christmas 2017.

Airpower had been announced more than five hundred days ago. It would have been the product most likely to be on the market during Cook's tenure as CEO, which began in 2011.

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