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Good Morning! Or other times of day depending on where you are. It's morning in Trent Bridge, no charge. You can direct your emails to me now, instead of Mike. Thank you Mike. Here's one from Wayne Murray.

"The live updates from OBO (and the school-boy digressions) were a pleasant occasional distraction from work here in Cape Town. Now that the Proteas have their marching orders, I may need more distraction. The reference to the "unidentified fiery orb in the sky" made me wonder: how did a nation so routinely "under the weather" come to invent a sport that specifically requires good weather? Is there a definitive cricket story I can read over the weekend? "

I recommend Simon Wilde Biography: The History of England Cricket. Recently released. A good job.

The teams line up for the national anthems. "Src ="

The teams line up for national anthems. Photo: Christopher Lee / IDI via Getty Images


And just before I deliver Geoff, some recommended readings if you have time before the game starts.

Of Geoff himself, in his unwavering love for Glenn Maxwell:

And by Russell Cunningham, about his unwavering love for Steve Smith:

And with that, up to Trent Bridge for some real cricket and proper sight …


Australia wins the draw and chooses first




Hello and welcome. West Bridgford, not far from the banks of the River Trent, is the site of the Cricket World Cup clash, but this blog is initially brought from Sydney before returning to Nottingham, on the other side of the world, where Geoff's dynamic duo Lemon and Adam Collins will handle things from their positions on the ground (or at least the press box) in Trent Bridge. Geoff will be together soon; Meanwhile, I will fill the ball and the juices flowing as Australia seeks to regain the first place in the World Cup table with the victory over Bangladesh. It's 10:30 in the morning, local time, 7:30 p.m., Australian time. Stick around.


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