Amanda Barrie "lucky" to be alive after electric shock


Former Coronation Street star Amanda Barrie said she thought she would die after suffering an electric shock at home.

The 83-year-old actress said she was paralyzed by an outbreak of her fuse box when electricity "stumbled" in her London apartment.

Barrie told the Sunday Mirror that he thought his "time had come."

My hair was slightly at the end. I lit the West End

She said, "I could not break the circuit. It seemed like two or three days, but I suspect it was only six seconds.

"I was in my apartment in London and the electricity stumbled. I went to put it on, I was touching a lamp behind it. I was trapped by both arms on the wall as electricity passed me.

Barrie, who played Alma Sedgewick on Coronation Street for 20 years until 2001, said she was "terrified" when she could not get her hands off the fuse box or the light bulb.

She said she screamed for a neighbor, who came to her aid, before "incredibly handsome paramedics" arrived and took her to the hospital.

"Thank God we have the NHS. My hair was slightly at the end. I lit the West End, "the TV star added.

"I was lucky, my arms were above my heart where the current passed, if they were lower, it could have really hurt me."

In early April, Barrie tweeted a photo of her with the paramedics in her home.

She wrote: "@LnnAmbulance Thank you to my five heroes. So last night I lit the West End by electrocuting myself in my own apartment.

"Eek! Magnificant #FirstResponders came to my rescue. Very scary, but I'm still here, thanks also to @uclh God bless @NHSuk. "

Barrie also appeared in Benidorm and last year participated in Celebrity Big Brother.

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