Thursday , April 22 2021

Zafer El Abidine participates in the film "Pause" at the Cairo Film Festival

The Tunisian artist Zafer El Abidine attended the screening of the Greek film "Waqafa", which is taking part in the official competition of the 40th session of the Cairo International Film Festival, one of the competition's jury members, which includes 14 films from different countries. The jury includes Egyptian director Hala Khalil. Belgian star Natacha Renier, Lebanese actress Diaman Bo Aboud, Philippine director Bryanti Mendoza and Kazakh actress Samal Yselyamova, led by Danish filmmaker Bill Augustus.

The film was shown at noon at the Grand Theater of the Egyptian Opera House with a large audience.

Her story revolves around a middle-aged housewife, "Hope," who is suffering from an arrogant marriage with a man who has no sense of her feelings and needs. His monotonous life is interrupted when a young painter is hired to decorate the building where he lives. Her imagination begins to recover as she confronts her indomitable desires: her body and the husband who has no feelings of love.

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