Weather forecast on Wednesday


The Department of Meteorology's Meteorological Department announced on Wednesday that moderate weather will prevail during the cold night day amid a state of climatic fluctuations in the country during the spring between rising temperatures and then suddenly or dusty winds , and this is normal in the spring Such climate changes can do more than one separation per day, so warned the forecasters not to be cheated behind the warming of the atmosphere and wear autumn clothes and not summer to avoid the roles of the cold and of the flu.

Weather on Wednesday

Weather reported that Wednesday is a mild daytime weather in the north of the country is very cold at night in southern Upper Egypt, where the accumulation of clouds and showers in the early morning and reduce the front view, and there are opportunities for light rains on the northern shores.

The Northwesterly winds are active South Sinai and the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez, which leads to disturbance of maritime traffic, and the situation of Red Bahrain and the Mediterranean are as follows:

  • The state of the Mediterranean: moderate wave height of one to one and a half meters and the wind there will be shallow in the northwest.
  • The state of the Red Sea: turbulent and rising wave of two and a half to three meters and wind to the northwest.

Statement of temperatures expected today in Egypt

Cairo 23-13

Shebin Al Koum 22-11

Tanta 22-11

Alexandria 20-12

Baltim 20-12

Damanhour 21-11

Matrouh 20-12

Salloum 20-12

Siwa 22-11

Port Said

Damietta 20-12

Suez 22-12

Ismailia 23-11

Arish 20-11

Rafah 20-12

Beni Suef 24-14

Minia 24-13

Assiut 25-14


Luxor 30-16

Halaib 28-24

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