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We ask for a loan from the Arab countries to face the financial crisis

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Monday he asked for a financial loan from Arab countries during the last meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Cairo to deal with the financial crisis of the Palestinian Authority after a dispute with Israel over the deduction of part of the tax revenue it collects on behalf of the Palestinian Authority.

Abbas said in a speech at a meeting of the Palestinian government in Ramallah: "After the circumstances we have seen from the financial point of course, of course, we asked the brothers for a million-dollar financial safety net."

"We do not give much hope but, God willing, we're asking for $ 100 million a month," Abbas said, not optimistic about the financial safety net he asked at a meeting of Arab Foreign Ministers last week in Cairo .

He added: "We told them: debt loan is good, that is, give us to give to you, especially that Israel's money, which I brought back on our way is not on its way, and return money to give him religion. "

"Even a religion has no answer, but we have to endure and be patient."

When Abbas learned that his speech was broadcast live, he stopped talking about it.

The Palestinian leader renewed his refusal to receive the tax revenues received by Israel.

He said: "Our position was clear and still in the direction will not accept receiving funds that are missing something, especially the funds of the martyrs."

Compensation funds constituted 65 per cent of the Palestinian Authority's budget, and failure to comply with them resulted in its inability to meet its financial obligations, obliging it to pay half the salaries of its staff during the past two months.

Abbas spoke about the meeting, which brought together Hussein al-Sheikh, the minister of civil affairs of the Palestinian government, and Moshe Kahlon, Israel's finance minister, two days ago.

He said: "Of course the situation as it is. They are trying by all means to legitimize discounts, especially salaries and allocations of martyrs and prisoners and wounded, but this issue did not accept and will not accept it, no matter what cost us this price. "

Earlier in the day, Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad al-Maliki said the Palestinian Authority refused for the third consecutive month to receive Palestinian tax funds from Israel and returned them to Israel despite its conversion.

Israel deducts about five percent of the value of taxes it receives from the Palestinian Authority because of its support for Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons.

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