Video .. The moment of apprehension of a criminal element and possession of 12 firearms and 4


05:27 PM

Friday, May 24, 2019

Books – Alaa Omran

The Public Relations and Information Sector has prepared a video highlighting the Anti-Narcotics Department's efforts to control a criminal element with a large number of firearms, unlicensed ammunition and a quantity of cannabis for trafficking purposes.

(Two elements of dangerous criminal elements) were involved in narcotic drug trafficking, firearms and unauthorized ammunition in the Jafira area of ​​the Dabaa police station in Matrouh, which had been monitored and identified for their criminal activity.

Following the legalization of procedures and coordination with the public safety sector, the Matrouh Security Directorate, the Central Security Forces and the General Directorate for the training of security and guard dogs, a major security campaign was launched against these elements, resulting in in the prison of one of them in the village of Jafira.

(10 kg) washes, weighing 1 kg, automatic rifle, 9 guns 12mm.

A 9mm caliber rifle with its own cache, a suspect grenade launcher, 3950 different caliber bullets, 2 automatic rifle safes, a GPS device, a chandelier, a vehicle used for the transportation and smuggling of narcotics, weapons fire and ammunition. Money, cell phone.

In the face of the accused who confessed his criminal activity together with the accused fugitive and possession of the seizures, necessary legal measures were taken and efforts were intensified to control the fugitive.


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