Types of Small Uterus and Your Pregnancy Ability


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Types of small uterus and its pregnancy capacity from the Mersal site, on Tuesday, November 6, 2018.

Most women do not know that they have a small uterus until the time of pregnancy, when you discover that you are pregnant and go to the doctor, a gynecological examination or ultrasound can bring this news and cause tremendous anxiety.

Cause of small uterus formation

According to modern medicine, the size of the uterus varies in all women, however, the size is described as having a specific scale observed in most women. The length of the uterus is usually 25 mm with uterine muscles 30 mm or more , For the uterus to be within the width of 40-50 mm, while the length is usually 70-80 mm, this information is generally used as a reference.

– Some types of uterus may be larger than average or even smaller but work well, and the female body in general also plays an important determinant of the size of the uterus, so women who have little or little body They have higher chances to form a small uterus.

Pregnancy in the small uterus

One of the key factors to be successfully observed in the presence of a small uterus is the epithelium, those that may help in increasing blood flow in fetal development, and there are some physical therapy measures as well, which can help achieve this and com If these techniques do not work, doctors may recommend that you undergo hormonal stimulation, and the chances of pregnancy increase after that.

– There are types of hormone therapy can also lead to an increase in the size of the uterus and also the genitals, and often used this type of women suffering from a particular situation where the uterus and genitals are small, leading to a defect in the levels of different hormones in. The body, which is described as hypoplasia, may also indicate other diseases, but in some cases hormone therapy in such a situation may worsen the situation.

– Sometimes maintaining an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals to set nutrient levels in the body up to the proper level can make pregnancy possible.

Diagnosis of small uterus in pregnancy

The definition of uterus as "small" is not enough for doctors to make the right decision. Professional diagnosis is necessary to determine the actual condition. And there may also be another case of childhood disease, in which the uterus is not larger than 55 mm.

– Any type of treatment to correct the size of the uterus takes a long time, and the use of hormonal therapy is a common method for women suffering from hypoplasia, which requires a specific period to raise the levels to the ideal values ​​and, in some cases, Sexual activity may be useful regularly. In addition, it can cause the uterine volume to increase gradually.

– Treatment methods also focus on the epithelium and pelvic area; doctors usually recommend physical therapy exercises that can help with the treatment and include some types of massage given by gynecologists and also help stimulate the genitals, which increases the size.

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