Translator: The events of the serial series 146 Eriliğr Ertuğrul in Arabic Now


The episode revolves around No. 146 on the cause of the establishment of the Islamic state in the thirteenth century AD, where we find that before this period does not have the Ottoman state any presence on the ground to discover that episode 146 of the events of the Turkish series Resurrection Artagarl Part V.

It revolves around the historic event that many followers of the events of the series want to know this historical information through which there are a large number of channels that show the events of the famous series Resurrection Artegrel, for example the Al-Quds channel and the channel east and the TRT channel and Da & # 39; s channel One of the best channels that broadcast the events of the series across the screen, and we found that this series of historical series caused a stir in the world of Turkish novels.

We found that he managed to change the concept of Turkish soap operas, which viewers are accustomed to watch, to discover that there is a huge historical series, as the Artegril resurrection attracted attention.


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