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The price of the dollar today Tuesday, April 4, 2019 on the banks of Egypt and the total stability of the green currency

We offer you Dollar rate today Tuesday, April 4, 2019 In the banks of Egypt and total stability in the green currency, we follow with you the price of the green currency in the banks and Egyptian companies, after the decision of the Central Bank to float. Dollar exchange rate Months ago, then the exchange rates of currencies, especially the dollar, change almost daily between the increase in some periods and the decline in other periods, according to the mechanisms of supply and demand, and testify The price of the dollar in Egypt The case of a slight gradual increase after a sudden drop earlier this year and its price reached 16 pounds in the official holiday period of factories in China and the cessation of imports.

The price of the dollar today, Tuesday, August 30, 2014

Witnesses Dollar rate today The rate of gradual decline during the month of April varied Dollar rate today In the Egyptian banks between 17.12-17.20 in the case of buy, while the sale price ranged between 17.22 to 17.30 pounds, registered the price of the green currency in Credit Agricole 17.13 to buy, while the price sale price of 17.23 pounds, and follow it through this table Dollar Prices Today In all the official banks of Egypt.

The price of the dollar today in Egyptian banks

Highest price to buy: 17.15

Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi

Lowest price: 17,20

National Bank of Kuwait NBK

Like a bankPurchase priceSale priceLast played since
Islamic Bank of Abu Dhabi17.1517.236 days
HSBC17,1417.246 days
Bank of Al Baraka17,1317.236 days
Egyptian Gulf Bank17,1317.236 days
Bank of Housing and Development17,1317.23One week
Arab International Banking Company17,1317.23One week
National Bank of Kuwait (Piraeus)17,1317.236 days
Bank of Mashreq17,1317.236 days
Egyptian bank of Arab lands17,1317.216 days
Credit Agricole17,1317.237 days
Arab International Bank17,1317.236 days
Bloom Bank17.1217.22One week
Egyptian Export Development Bank17.1217.22One week
National Bank of Greece17.1217.226 days
Agricultural Bank of Egypt17.1217.227 days
Arab Investment Bank17.1217.227 days
Banque Misr Iran Development17.1217.227 days
African International Bank17.1217.22One week
Audi bank17.1217.227 days
Industrial Development Bank17.1217.22One week
Bank of Alexandria17.1217.22One week
Bank of Egypt17.1217.22One week
National Bank of Egypt17.1217.22One week
United Bank17.1217.226 days
Central Bank of Egypt17.1117.246 days
Suez Canal Bank17.1117.216 days
International Commercial Bank (CIB)17.1017,207 days
National Bank of Kuwait NBK17.1017,205 days

The price of the dollar today in the black market

After the success of the Central Bank of Egypt, the elimination of the parallel market, and reduce the sale cases, and the purchase of random currency in Egypt, the black market price is very close Dollar exchange rate In Egyptian banks, and does not exceed the difference of five piasters, The price of the dollar today in the black market 17.20 for the purchase, while the sale price of 17.25 pounds, and is expected to decline slightly in parallel with the decline in Egyptian banks, after importers to meet the Egyptian market requirements for goods and clothing that are sufficient for the season of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr.

The price of the dollar today in Egypt
The price of the dollar today in Egypt

The price of the customs dollar

  • It is common knowledge that the Egyptian government supports The price of the customs dollarUntil the price of goods consumed is reduced, albeit slightly, generally The price of the customs dollar 90% of the dollar price within the Egyptian banks, has been reduced The price of the customs dollar From 16.25 pounds to 16 pounds, as announced Finance Minister Dr. Amr injured.
  • The customs valuation department issued after the decision of the Egyptian Ministry of Finance installs The price of the customs dollar Only for consumer goods at 16 pounds and the price of recreational and provocative goods at 17.97 pounds. The goods to which the decree applies included birthday gifts, cigarettes, toothpaste, cosmetics and makeup, soap and some types of fish like shrimp and some types of fruit. The decision included appliances and power tools imported from abroad.

Expectations of the dollar in Egypt in the next period

Expected to rise The price of the dollar In Egypt during the next period, with the approach of Ramadan and Eid al-Fitr, and the importers' haste over imports to meet the needs of the Egyptian market, Currency Rates In Egypt decreased during the month of March and April, fell Prices of the dollar During the previous period from 17.73 pounds to 17.14 pounds to reach its lowest price for a considerable period.

USD and the latest news

American dollar It is the official currency of the United States, and is the most traded currency in the world at this time, and at the same time, the value has decreased American dollar Against other global currencies in late 2007 beginning of 2008 due to the financial crisis and mortgage crisis, and then came back Dollar At its natural price, after the liberalization of the exchange rate in November 2016, Dollar exchange rate Significantly, the price varied The green coin, Over a period of one year and four months, between 17.50 and 18.5 kilograms to the dollar, where the law of supply, demand is now the basic mechanism to determine the price of the dollar against the pound, in the banks operating in the internal market.

History of the American currency

Before issuing American dollarThe American people were dealing in French, English and Spanish, which caused confusion in economic and commercial transactions within a single state. American dollar A unified currency in the United States of America in 1785, and in 1792 established the monetary system in the United States of America, and initiated the monetary instrument in the State of Philadelphia in 1793, and took over David Reithenhaus as director of Currency House and was its first director .

Update: Latest Dollar News Today

  • Recorded The green currency today Tuesday 04-04-2019 at the Agricultural Bank of Egypt value of 17.12 to buy and record sale price 17.22, while the price in the Bank of Egypt 17.12 for purchase and 17.22 for sale, while the record The price of the dollar International Commercial Bank (CIB) to buy 17.10 pounds, and for sale 17.20 pounds, and the supply and demand mechanism is the basic mechanism to determine The price of the dollar In front of the pound in the banks, is affected At a dollar price Many transactions and daily transactions are covered by gold.

We welcome your comments to your expectations For the price ofAnd in Egypt During the next period.

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