The price of gold on Thursday, April 4, 2019 in jewelery shops and the price stability of the pounds of yellow metal against the Egyptian pound


We now offer you a report on gold prices in Egypt on Thursday April 4, 2019, there is instability and instability in the price of gold in the recent period between the rise and fall, and there is a situation of falling prices in the last days in the price of precious metal, and affected gold prices in Egypt for various reasons. The price of the dollar in banks and the black market, the price of ounces of gold globally and also the factor of supply and demand have an impact on the determination of the price of grams.

As price rises and the economic situation in which many Egyptians suffer, there are customs and traditions that can not be ignored, such as buying gold for marriage, and buying gold is safe for many foreign exchange operations. Because it represents the true value of money, even over time.

Gold prices today

18 grams 538 pounds
21 grams 627 pounds
24 grams 717 pounds
Gold fairy 5016 pounds
  • The price of a global ounce is $ 1,290, and the price of a gram of yellow metal may move a little in the next few hours,
  • The price of the precious metal will likely undergo moves or changes in the next few hours and we will follow the latest updates.
  • We expect the price movements of grams today in the Egyptian market in the next few hours and we will be following you.
  • In the next update, we will update the prices that appear to be the closest downside indicators.


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