Monday , October 25 2021

The most famous Arab and Gulf artist, the most powerful attack by Bin Salman and Aqar Dara (know this)


The most famous Arab and Gulf artist, the most powerful attack by Bin Salman and Aqar Dara (know this)

Singer Ahlam attacked the Saudi Crown Prince at his home and during the grand ceremony in Saudi Arabia, which was attended by a large Saudi audience for the first time among the entertaining parties of young Saudi Arabia.

Ahlam, who is married to a catarian, lives in Qatar and lives in a palace in a prosperous and safe place. She said in one of her songs that she dedicated herself to attacking Prince Abu Manshar bin Salman and his home for the first time:

She said, "If you are resolved, you will be satisfied.

And what Ben Salman really can not do, who is capable of murdering a journalist of his compatriots and his patron and at the consulate of his country and cutting and melting his body with fire, arrested his daughters and raped in prisons, arrested veterans and elders and finally sentenced a child of steel and cut off the head because it causes sedition.

This song has raised a lot of controversy on social networking sites, where some activists responded by emphasizing that Abu Manshar, "disqualifies someone worth their disrespect, but does not settle for you as anything except Khashoggi"

The Qatari singer and media activist "Nafood Qatar" comment on the work of Ahlam ..: "Despite the dreams of the Emirates, but the wife of a citizen and their children Qataris and refuses to sing a patriotic song in the country of Qatar # fear of being banned from entering the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia But then she sings them back to # Doha and sleeps safely in her home in this country they want to free! ".

"I am not able to sing for Qatar in their joys. I am forced to keep my family," she said.

Sheikha Mariam criticized Ahlam singing in Saudi Arabia, saying: "Here is the difference between Qatar and the small states." She is singing to Saudi Arabia and clapping her songs "for deeds," she said in a compliment to her sting. of the cartoon! "

The second of Ahlam's lyrics directed to Ibn Salman: "The drummer says in one of his songs:" You're a student. You are studying a lesson. "She added," Actually, my truth is the same. At the consulate of your country just because he has a different opinion with the decision makers! One study I think is coming back to history is "black in the face"!

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