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3:33 a.m.

Thursday November 22, 2018

Books – Osama Abdel Karim:

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Egypt's Minister of Immigration and Foreign Affairs, met with Dr Mohieddin Obaid, head of the Union of Pharmacists and President of the Union of Arab Pharmacists, to review the latest actions in the case of the murder of Egyptian pharmacist Ahmed Taha in Saudi Arabia during the execution of his work.

According to a statement on Thursday, Ambassador Nabila Makram expressed her appreciation for the efforts of the Pharmacists' Union in this incident and the role played by the Egyptian Embassy and Consulate in Saudi Arabia in monitoring the investigations, emphasizing that all parties involved are working hard and directing all possibilities to terminate the transfer procedures. Payment of debts and financial compensation in full, as Saudi Arabia attaches great importance to this incident and our full confidence in the justice of the Saudi judiciary.

Dr Mohieldin Obeid, head of the pharmacists' union, said the union is in constant contact with the Saudi company to expedite the procedures for payment of benefits and full compensation to the Egyptian pharmacist. He pointed out that engineer Yasser Al-Juhraji, CEO of Al Nahdi Group in Saudi Arabia, as well as the company's purchase of a family burial site at Salah Salem Cemetery, adding that the company's director pledged to provide the family of the pharmacist for life.

The chief of pharmacists in his speech to form a defense panel of lawyers in the company and the use of another Saudi group to take up the defense in this case, and some of them have a doctorate in Saudi law, to know the details of the law, especially in such cases, and now are working agencies of the family of Ahmed Taha to complete All procedures related to the disbursement of rights and compensation, as well as follow-up investigations in the case.

In a different context, the Immigration Minister and the Chief of Pharmacists discussed forms of cooperation in providing the National Committee responsible for preparing the database of Egyptians abroad with the bank of Egyptian pharmacists abroad, which the president of the pharmacist promised receive data on 100,000 people in my association. Pharmacists and doctors, and then compile these data in the database list of Egyptians abroad and provide it to the Committee as soon as possible.

During the meeting, Ambassador Nabila Makram discussed the importance of cooperation with the Pharmacists' Union to launch an awareness campaign on all prohibited drugs in the Gulf countries and issued a circular on these medicines. The president of the pharmacists said that the specialized agencies in Gulf countries will be contacted to check forbidden drugs. Any updates to your list, so the awareness campaign can be completed as needed.


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