The JANNA luxury housing project begins to be booked electronically today


Eng. Tariq Al Sibai, vice president of the New Urban Housing Authority for Commercial and Real Estate Affairs, said the reserve (the third stage) of 7176 residential units in the JANNA project for luxury housing.

The reservation will start at 10am on Monday and until 11:59 pm on Thursday, December 13, and the homework will be done online ( from the Housing and Development Bank. The first phase of the JANNA project for luxury villas with areas ranging from 100 to 150 square meters in the cities of October 6, Shorouk, New Damietta, Sheikh Zayed, Obour and New Minya.

Al-Sibai explained that the reservation is as follows:
– Log in to the site with the password and the national number. A screen showing the basic data in the previous form will be displayed, and a screen will be displayed to complete the payment details of the reservation provider.
– The appearance of a screen representing the data of the units available for reservation, organized as follows: Governorate – City – Region – Unit type – Architecture number – Unit number
– By pressing the Confirmation Key with the possibility to print the complete data of the form In case of not completing the procedures or canceling the reservation of the selected housing unit, the payments will be reimbursed according to the following:
( at the Housing and Development Bank (HDB), upon completion of the reservation period, to record the repayment requests
Refunds will be made at the request of the applicant and in the same method of payment of the previous payment, taking into account the cases of cancellation of the assignment contained in terms of the real estate conditions.

Eng. Walid Abbas, Assistant Minister of Housing for New Urban Authority Affairs, explained the different locations of the units offered as follows:

October 6 City
The site is located near the main roads (the link Dahshur North – the axis of July 26 – Egypt Alexandria Desert Road), in addition to its proximity to the Mall of the Arabs, the University of Egypt, and Porto in October 2008. The site is bordered to the north by Al Watan Projects, Eastern Cairo University Housing Project, West I City October Project, South Club Hunting Club and Specialized Housing Projects.

Sheikh Zayed City
912 housing units (38 buildings) in the Central Axis region, north of the Al Haddai housing, and the site is characterized by high access to the main thoroughfares of the city and by the mediation of residential areas and services such as: (Zayed Dwins Composite – Business activities).

Obour City
816 housing units (34 buildings) in the center of the city – north of the first district.The location is characterized by high access to the main roads and proximity to the arterial road of the city.It is located close to service activities, especially recreation and sports, as well as mediating existing residential areas.

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