The frequency of the channel of the new birds of Paradise


Are considered Channel birds of paradise One of the best andThe most famous channels of children In addition to children's songs and music, in addition to teaching children the principles, values ​​and Islamic ethics through the programs they offer, it has gained a great reputation among children's channels and has a distinctive character, being followed by many Houses and looking for many parents, and has the channel for the highest viewing rate among children's channels.

Frequency channel birds paradise

Streaming Canal birds paradise On all satellites in all Arab countries and North African countries, the channel works on different systems, be it standard or HD technology, and it can be accompanied by the channel free of charge without encryption and can receive frequency in NileSat on the following frequencies.

Frequency Polarization Error coefficient Encoding rate
11315 27500 3/4 V

The frequency of the Birds of Paradise Arabsat channel

Sequence of frequencies Bird Channel of the Arabsat Paradise In order to continue to broadcast the channel in the Gulf States, the content of Birds of Paradise Arabsat channel simply by turning on the TV finds that all children are automatically attracted to the television and you can identify the following through the table below.

Frequency Polarization Encoding rate Error rate
11623 Vertical (v) 27500 5/6

The frequency of the channel Birds Paradise Pepe

Satellite Frequency Direction Encoding rate Error Correction Coefficient
Nilesat 11393 Vertical 27500 3/4
Nilesat 11315 Vertical 27500 3/4

These were the frequencies of the different birds of the Paradise channel that you can follow from anywhere in the Arab and North African world and you can run the channel for children without any concern of contents that could cause harm to children.

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