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The eighth season on the HBO carrier frequency channel

We are following with you today the third episode of the Alroosh series of conflicts to make the SBO HBO channel more sought after for the next few hours and awaits lovers and followers of the Arush conflict series the next episode of the series which will expose many interesting events and a lot of death.

The last moments of the eighth part of Arush's series of conflicts taken from the series of novels "Ice and Fire," and the eighth part left only four episodes but until this moment is admired by many of the followers of this type of series, who wants to produce a network (HBO)

Episode of Thrones Leak
Episode of Thrones Leak

Where the last episode of the series "Monster Clash"The permanent conflict between the imagined and dead Middle Ages, led by the King of the Night, who was created from the snow and lives in the far north and has the ability to revive the dead and control them afterwards.

Emily Clarke

But the series during the previous seasons has occurred many events have made the series in increasing viewing and monitoring rates where many of the heroes of the series to death was the first Eddard Stark Sayed Castle Wintrvl, in addition to the murder of the most important character in the series , which is Sean Bean which was the reason for the audience increase for the series when it was first screened in 2011.

Arush Conflict
Arush Conflict

Several serial characters have also been killed during recent seasons, some of which were brutally shut down, including during the Red Wedding, in which the son of Edard Stark, his wife and a number of participants were massacred John Snow was also killed in the last episode However, he came back to life in the first part of the sixth, but such scenes caused a great shock to the followers of the series and the tension is still there to see the upcoming events and fate of the characters who survived death.

Episode 3 Arush Conflict

It is expected that the situation will change during the next episode, which is scheduled to air on Sunday and is the third episode of the six-episode season, but several websites and forums have speculated and wagered, regarding the characters who are going to die during the next episodes of the series.

Arush conflict tonight

Where one of the biggest publishers of the sites speculated that the next episodes will witness a bloodbath, confirming that this is what made us love the series and follow it, and pointed out that the last episodes approached the meeting, but that the remaining characters in Winterfl Castle, The series included about 100 personalities and during this time there are approximately 20 of them in one place, which indicates that the next seasons will be more exciting than the parts of the past will be the next episode. 80 minutes will be the longest episodes of the series.

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Now I show the third episode of the series of values ​​of the Thrones in the eighth season, and got the previous seven parties a great success, which took any wait for everyone to follow the series of the series every week at the time of its presentation on Sunday at nine o'clock and dawn on Monday.

The episode has not been presented so far and the events of the third episode of the eighth season will be followed only by writing follow us immediately after the rights of the sites show the series published …

After a few minutes will be added to the translated full episode, one of the most famous sites that show the site of the episode Egy Best, presented by a translator ..

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