The 19th episode series of the nineteenth day of the champion artist Mohamed Ramadan


The 19th episode series of the nineteenth day of the champion artist Mohamed Ramadan

Episode 19 of the earthquake series will be screened by star Mohammed Ramadan at DMC at 10:00 p.m., the earthquake will be at 5:00 p.m., and episodes of the series will be broadcast via DMC at 12:00 p.m. Episode 19 will be back at 5:00 p.m.

The Episode Episode 19 series features the final episodes of the series as the star watches its audience with one of the most dramatic dramas that witnessed stiff competition during the Ramadan marathon of the season. The 2019 series included a collection of the most powerful works of a group of top artists who are always cheering on their work.

Earthquake Events Episode 19
The story of a series of 1992 earthquakes, which witnessed a violent earthquake in Egypt, caused the collapse of a large number of buildings and buildings, including the house where the hero of the series with his father, before the registration and transfer of ownership of the building for family, The seller refuses to give the house to the family of the deceased.

Mohammed Ramadan with a group of heroes in series

The owner of the house claims to register the house in his name and give up his property, but the seller waits until the "1992 earthquake" in which the buyer dies and the house collapses after the earthquake and its aftermath.

The son of the deceased asks that the land be transferred to the heirs, but the seller refuses to surrender the land where the house belonged to the heirs of the deceased, creating a clash between him and the son of the deceased, and despite the existence of a Daughter's daughter's love story, the father stands between them In a wonderful dramatic story.

Mohammed Ramadhan has already performed several dramatic works in recent seasons. He began two years ago with a series of success stories that have entered the hearts of lovers of Egyptian drama, as well as the eagle of Upper Egypt last season in which he also starred.

Heroes of the Earthquake Series Episode
The main star of the earthquake is Mohammed Ramadan, along with Majid al-Masri, Hila Shiha and a rising star group, written by Abdul Rahman Kamal and led by Ibrahim Fakhr.


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