She worked at chemistry school and her husband gave her the strangest gift.


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Several artists celebrated on Saturday the birth of the artist Dina Mohsen, known as "Wizo", star of Egypt's theater, formed by the Faculty of Education of Ain Shams University.

This year, WIZO celebrates its 28th anniversary, working as a high school chemistry teacher, and WIZO began acting in theater at Madame Eman and Plutica.

Wizou gained great fame when he worked with artist Ashraf Abdel Baki on the "Egypt Theater" series, which allowed him to work later in the movies through the films "Neighbors of Saad, Mira Mirage" and "Chapter salt and Dakh", the first of their championships. "WIZO SCHOOL" has not yet been shown.

In this report, we provide you with visions of the life of artist Wizo.

Her husband is an artist.
She married young artist Sherif Mohsen, who was featured in the "The Paper in Maine" contest with artist Sameh Hussein, who achieved great success, and is expected to show his second part next month in Ramadan.

Paper in Maine

Sherif Mohsen

Then her husband mocked her

The artist Sherif Hosni, in the "Challenge" section of the program "You", presented by the media Mona Shazly, broadcast on the channel "CBC" in front of his wife, "Wizo", according to the rules of the paragraph, the winner must judge the loser and loser executed the sentence as a result of his loss.

Wizo ruled her husband to take her "the verdict that you were chelni" to her husband's answer: "Why am I making her happy?" To say "Wizo": "It's not enough to be here!" Here is the land of miracles?

Sherif Hosni refused to marry his wife, saying: "It is difficult and God is the subject." He said on the day of the wedding, he took the "Wizo" wedding dress after taking it off and wrapping it in the apartment.

The Wizo Challenge

"The first gift was in the corridor of the theater, and were two great gestures," she said during her interview with Mawtouna Muna Al-Shazly. "During the Fathi episode, I found a scent. The present was a plush dress, For the word love."

Sherif Mohsen emphasized that he tried to offer a special romantic thing, especially that she likes stuffed meat, and the other present was a dabbobin not to get mad at the present.

Wizo and her husband's gift

Chemistry teaching
Early in her artistic career, Wizo was cast as a guest at Mina Masha Al Shazly, who said that before acting she worked at a chemistry school at a boys' high school, stressing that she was dealing with students as she did with her peers class. Where she considered them friends and exchanged jokes with them, and that any other student was hit.

She pointed out that she refused to deal with students in the manner of fellow teachers because of the age convergence between them, she was 22 years old when she was working in school and 17 year old students.

The Secret of Increasing Your Weight
Wizo revealed in more than one program because she was overweight, saying that her mother received a group of vitamin injections during pregnancy, which affected her weight. In addition, her mother breastfed for 3 years, one year longer than breastfeeding period The name of Wizo, she said, came from the third grade, as she used to go to school with Lanshon called Wizo. Her friends called her Wizo,


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