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Scientists warn of a flu pandemic that could kill millions

WASHINGTON – A deadly pandemic could sweep the world within hours and kill millions because no country is fully prepared except 13 countries with resources and health systems to fight, scientists warned.

The epidemic has spread worldwide

The epidemic has spread worldwide

A flu-like illness could sweep the planet in 36 hours, killing tens of millions, the scientists said.

They added: An analysis of existing health systems around the world found that only 13 countries had the resources to fight an "inevitable" pandemic, Among the top-ranked countries are Britain, the United States, Australia, Canada, France and the Netherlands, but given the rapid spread of the disease, experts warn that these countries may find it difficult to contain the disease. Spain, Germany, Italy, Austria and Norway are "better prepared" while most of Africa was considered "less prepared" for all countries due to poor immunization..

The epidemic could sweep the world
The epidemic could sweep the world

The report, known as the Global Health Safety Index, was prepared by (GHS)By scientists at Johns Hopkins University Center for Health Safety and the Nuclear Threat Initiative (NTI).

The team said governments should prepare funds to implement preparations and said the UN should do more to coordinate responses across international borders..

A flu-like illness is sweeping the world and killing millions
A flu-like illness is sweeping the world and killing millions

Scientists have assessed how countries around the world deal with the inevitable epidemic by analyzing a variety of factors, such as income, border security and health systems, as well as political, social, economic and environmental risk factors that may limit the response, all were considered.

Fatal infectious diseases can spread rapidly as increased global mobility through air travel means that disease outbreaks in one country can spread worldwide within hours, according to the report..

The report comes a month after a group led by a former World Health Organization chief issued a strong warning that the disease was on the horizon.

A century ago, the Spanish flu pandemic hit a third of the world's population, killing 50 million people, but more recently the West African Ebola epidemic killed more than 11,000 people. Death toll in Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Leo Abruzzi, senior global consultant for the Economic Intelligence Unit, who helped prepare the report, said the report helped identify important gaps in global readiness.

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