Saudi Arabia … Elissa is angry and threatens to take tough measures



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Lebanese singer Elissa threatened to act strictly on Friday, coinciding with her concert in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Elissa threatened to block everyone from her account on the social networking site Twitter in case of ridicule of her religion.

"Whoever mocks my religion will have a blockage without even thinking about it," she wrote angrily, "Right now, I will not compromise myself, and I will never run my left cheek."

Elissa's threat coincided with the revival of a concert at the Hilton Jeddah Hotel in Saudi Arabia on Friday night, which included Iraqi singer Majid Al-Mohandes.

On the other hand, Elissa announced the postponement of the release of their last album "Karhni", of its last album "To all that love me".

"I have two stories, the bad thing is to postpone" Karhny "two days because the director Inge Gamal insists on giving the best, and the big news is that I'm going to do shows in Tunisia and Morocco this summer.


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