Thursday , November 21 2019
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Samsung reveals (revolvinging TV)

Siro TV has the ability to display content vertically

Samsung has unveiled a new TV that can display content vertically or vertically, much like devices such as smartphones and tablets.

South Korea's Siro TV comes with a 43-inch Q-LED display and supports a 60-watt 4.1-channel speaker, making it ideal for both an online music player and content viewer.

The TV can be controlled by Samsung's personal assistant, known as Pixby, according to The Virg Tech News.

Samsung did not disclose more details about the television, but many technical sites must have a high quality 4K.

The company said in a statement that its television is targeting the "Millennium Generation", which likes to display its content from its cell phones in the "Cerro".

Samsung plans to launch the TV in Korean markets in a few weeks at a price of up to $ 1,600.

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