Price of the dollar against the pound in 9 banks with beginning of negotiation


10:43 p

Monday, April 1, 2019

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The dollar settled against the pound at 9 banks on Monday, compared with Sunday's level.

The dollar settled in the banks of Ahli, Egypt and Alexandria, at 17.26 pounds for purchase and 17.36 pounds for sale.

The US dollar maintained its level at the Arab African Bank at EGP 17.27 and EGP17.37 for sale.

The dollar price stabilized at the banks of Commercial International, Credit Agricole, the Suez Canal, and the 17.28-pound tank for the purchase, and 17.38 pounds for the sale.

The US currency remained stable at ADIB at EGP17.29 and EGP17.38 for sale.


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