Postponement of the request to change the date of the prayers from dawn to "December"


Postponement of the request to change the date of the Fajr prayer for "December" The news agency quoted Egyptians as posting the postponement of the request to change the date of the Fajr prayer for "December", postponed the case of changing the date of the dawn prayer to "December" The most important news, the postponement of the case, changes the date of the prayers from dawn to "December."

The Administrative Court today decided to postpone the case of Hussain Ahmed Mustafa, imam and preacher of a mosque, demanding that the competent authorities be obliged to change the date of Fajr's prayer for the session of 8 December.

The case was presented today by a report from the National Astronomical Research Institute confirming that the current date of the Fajr prayer in Egypt is about half an hour.

Case No. 32898 for the Judicial Year 1971 was assigned to the Minister of Irrigation, the President of the Authority of Inquiry, the Minister of Awqaf, the Mufti of the Republic and the Great Sheikh of Al-Azhar.

The Commission of State Commissioners of the Administrative Judicial Court, headed by Counselor Mohammad Rabie, issued a report recommending that he be referred to the Great Sheikh of Al-Azhar as Chairman of the Council of Senior Scholars, composed of an independent number of field experts of Islamic law, Arabic. Any of the other areas related to the case, whose task is to resolve the dispute over the correct date of the early morning prayer hour.

The report of the committee to be drawn from Sheikh Al-Azhar asked to take into account the mechanism that determined the timeframes for Fajr's time entry and the entity that performed it, taking into account factors and variables, astrological or geographical, in making this determination. The various seasons of the year and the impact on measurement, and other factors and astronomical and aerial standards used in this regard.

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Source: The Egyptians


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