Performance of the stock market in the Arab world


Performance of the stock market in the Arab world

The site "Hour 25", stock exchange performance in the Arab world, on Thursday, April 4, 2019, which came as follows.

Performance of the stock market in the Arab world

Beirut Stock Exchange

The Beirut Stock Exchange (BSE) closed today 0.21%.

The volume of shares traded totaled 12,406 shares, valued at US $ 222,000, made through 13 transactions.

The capitalization of listed companies fell to $ 9 million and $ 564,000 compared to $ 9 million and $ 584,000 for the previous trading session.

Egyptian Stock Exchange

Egypt's stock indexes rose at the end of the talks last week, backed by purchases from institutions, foreign investment funds, Egyptian and Arab investors, in some of the largest and most important stocks with a relatively large market index .

According to the closing statistics of the trading session, the main index of the market (EGX30) rose 0.33%, to register 15,247.81 points, while the index of small and medium shares (EGX70) rose marginally 0.17%, to 678.09 points. The broader EGX 100 index rose 0.2% to close at 1730.54 points.

Statistics showed that the market capitalization of the shares listed on the Egyptian Stock Exchange gained about £ 1.3 billion to £ 830.2 million after a total turnover of £ 1.4 billion.

Egyptian, Arab and foreign companies tended to buy with a net value of 238.6 million pounds, EGP 19.6 million and EGP 43.1 million, respectively. However, Egyptian and Arab institutions tended to sell with a net value of EGP 298.9 million and EGP 1.3 million.

Iraq Stock Exchange

The index of the Iraqi stock exchange "Bourse" today, a decline of 0.54%, stopping at 450.58 points.

Under the index, 13 companies decreased, 5 rose and 15 remained unchanged.

The number of shares traded 1,591,368,701 shares in the amount of 1,163,674,140 Iraqi dinars, Bram 307 transactions, shares of 33 companies of 103 listed companies.

Palestine Stock Exchange

The Palestine Stock Exchange closed up 0.27%, or 1.47 points, to reach 538.38 points.

The volume of shares traded 920,566 shares, with a total value of US $ 1,392,694, made through 275 transactions.

Saudi Stock Exchange

The index of Saudi Arabia's main shares closed today, up 78.40 points, to close at 9063.88 points, and trades worth over 3.6 billion rials.

The number of shares traded was more than 141 million shares, which were shared by more than 122 thousand transactions in which shares of 86 companies rose in value, while shares of 86 companies closed.

Al-Jouf, Al Rajhi, AXA Cooperative, Time of Fitness and JACCO were the main winners, while Khodari, Medgulf Insurance, Saudi Arabia, Refineries and Masque were the most traded, with 5.22% and 3.29% respectively.

Dar Al Arkan, Al-Rajhi, Kayan, Saudi Arabia, Al Khudari and Al-Enma were the most active in quantity, Al Rajhi, SABIC, Dar Al Arkan, Al-Enma and Saudi Arabia were the most active.

Saudi Arabia's benchmark index closed at 5.76 points, closing at 3604.82 points, with deals worth 800,000 riyals, and the number of shares traded reached more than 53,000 shares, which were divided by 138 transactions.

Jordan Stock Exchange

The Jordan Stock Exchange closed down 0.29% at 1908.49 points.

The total volume traded was JD 3.9 million, with 4.0 million shares traded in 2,345 transactions.

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