Nelly Karim prepares to shoot "Blue Elephant 2"


Lifestyle: Nelly Karim revealed that she is preparing during the current period to film the second part of the film "Blue Elephant" next month, starring Karim Abdel Aziz, especially after the success of the first part of the film when it was placed in theaters during the period The second part of the film will bring many surprises to the audience when it is put on stage, especially directed by Marwan Hamed and Ahmed Murad.

In an exclusive interview with Lifestyle, Nelly Karim said that next to her participation in the second part of the film "Blue Elephant", another film work is being performed with Karim Abdul Aziz, a film called "Al Fares". In his filming next year, after Eid al-Fitr.

Nelly reported on the fate of her Egyptian-Egyptian film that her footage was postponed to after filming her new series scheduled for the upcoming Ramadan Marathon in 2019. She said she will begin filming the film after the next Eid al-Adha, especially because it is occupied in the current period. The new film is scheduled to be screened at the upcoming Ramadan via satellite screens, directed by Ahmed Medhat and produced by the Justice Group company, and the second part of the film "Blue Elephant", explaining that the Italian-Egyptian film is scheduled to be filmed between Egypt and Italy. C Egyptian in his first experience as director and live in Italy, and the film will be a collective representatives tournament Satkasemha from Egypt and Italy.

Nelly declined to reveal details about her new series, saying it would be a surprise to viewers in Ramadan, especially because it is a different and different work from all previous work, especially since she is very interested in renewing and moving away from the stereotype and the repetition of what it offers. The series is admired by the public when it is shown, and the secret of their cooperation more than once with the company "Adar Sunset" in the series "free fall" or "higher price" and last last Ramadan "disappearance" series reported that in addition to be a great and respected producer, she is at ease to deal with them, especially as she is interested as much as possible to provide an intentional and important work of art to the public and to provide the artist with a fitting fit for himself and his audience as well work to provide everything he needs to get out in a wonderful dramatic painting that they enjoy and repeat the cooperation with director Ahmed Medhat in the new series. He is very keen to work, focus and examine every detail in order to respectfully exit the audience. He also feels comfortable dealing with it, especially with a sympathetic director who has a different vision for the actor.

Nelly concluded her conversation about the rumors of her relationship with her husband, saying, "It requires everyone to investigate before any rumors are published, especially on this subject, when he is bound to declare this question clearly to everyone, but completely rejects the promotion of such rumors that have no basis in health. " "He said.

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