My application to train the Egyptian is a great honor. But I apologize for not accepting the mission.


Ahmed Hossam, "Mido" coach of Zamalek and former Tiger Valley, apologized for not following the training of the Egyptian club in the next period.

Mido said in comments for "Thank the Board of Directors of the Egyptian club for their appointment to me to take over the team."

"They are respectable people and I trust their trust and candidacy for me."

"I also love the Egyptian club and its great fans," said Mido. "Team training is an honor for me and for any coach, but I apologize for not taking it."

"I've made decisions before and I still insist, I do not accept the task of coaching any team in the middle of the season."

"My decision to be a coach since the start of the season and be the team myself, so I have to reject the offer and wish them all the reconciliation in the next period."

Al-Masri had lost in a big surprise against the border guards three goals to none last night in the round of the 15th round of the Egyptian championship.

Egyptian coach Mimi Abdel Razeq has announced his resignation from his position a few days ago in a radio statement on the back of the game. ()

Al-Masri is preparing to face war production on Sunday in the round of the 16th round of the Egyptian league.

Choose the best Egyptian shape after the departure of Hossam Hassan from here.

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