Murder of Silvie Egyptian Today


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The market was very quiet, the market was full of customers, and some women and children were sitting on the balconies of the adjoining houses, their eyes on what was happening and there, and suddenly the sound of silence stopped screaming from one of the houses neighboring countries. Abo Bittagl .. Haqoni ».

At first, the people in the area thought that Ahmed Jumaa, the worker, was going to his usual hours. After half an hour of fighting, he saw an old man holding his stomach, supported by his son and crossing the property gate. The news of his death: "The employed man killed Hama and beat him with a knife in his stomach and his cares."

Mahmoud Khaled, a relative of the accused, who lives in the adjacent property, told Al-Masry Al-Youm that he knows the cause of the quarrel that led to this. He said: "Sometimes (Ahmad) saw Sylvie dressed in the house, Come , I'm going, and my husband is throwing me clothes and I'm wearing clothes that no one can see. "

And the husband's father and his brothers attended and quarreled with her husband, and they said to him, "You rented the apartment in your name and the highs", to intensify the quarrel – according to "Mahmoud", he saw the eyes – for which the defendant recovered a small fruit knife and stabbed Hama in the stomach and shoulder to break the loop around him: Laying on the ground, and protecting him, he silenced his breath.

"At first everyone thought it was normal, and the dispute was over, but after dinner about an hour, members of the victim's family came and destroyed the defendant's house." They went to Aley and Witah so everyone knew he had killed Hama, He surrendered to the police. "

Before the confrontation, Saleh Mohammed Ahmed, thirty, was in front of his house to see a car carrying about three people, who flew very fast and stopped in front of the victim's house and began to fight with both sides. "Even the victim's daughter was holding a scourge and released her, and everyone was injured … (Ahmed) and her brother and Hama, and the world was a witch and a curse. As a result, police accused Salih of participating in the incident and decided to stop him, but his father replied with sadness: "My son did not commit any sin, neither killed nor participated in murders. He was separated from both sides of a fight. All the people were watching, (Khamis), the uncle of the accused husband, and he was trying to solve the solution and strangled. " "Asmaa, Najla, the victim, forced her three children, the eldest of them, to wait for a neighbor, when her father, her brother and the rest of her family came in. She knew they intended to discipline her husband, thinking of them, "said One Marihan, one of the neighbors. He was released after his death, and after Ahmed's death, Hama was killed, the whole house remained dead, even the accused's brother left him in fear that he and his children would be exposed to any damage or damage.

The newspaper was unable to obtain comments from the family of the victim, who confirmed in the prosecution investigations that were present based on an Asthma contact, who is always complaining about her husband's assault on her: "I swore the right to divorce in the legs after I saw her take a picture And I was skeptical about the purpose of the photo, and I watched my wife's people imagine that I took pictures of her, and I attacked, defended myself and beat Hamaya to leave the house, and preparing a Police department ".

The prosecution ordered the arrest and bringing the uncle and his brother to participate in the murder of the victim during the fight.


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