Member of the Coordination of Parties: Historical and Geographical Conditions Egypt qualified for leadership in the Arab world


Musab Amin, a member of the party and party coordination committee of the Nur party, said conditions, both historical and geographical, have qualified Egypt to lead the Arab world.

Amin added that Egypt's international presence in Arab affairs could be addressed through Egypt's presence in international institutions, its eagerness to resolve Arab crises, and the situation of decision-makers in the face of their international and humanitarian responsibility.

He pointed out that the follower of Egyptian Arab politics shows Egypt's enthusiasm for the security of the national state, as well as Egypt's tendency for political solution in the Arab crisis.

He continued: Egypt played an important role in Arab foreign policy by describing the reality of President Sisi Arab in ordinary Egypt.

This happened during the second session of the first political hall for the coordination of youth parties and politicians on the sidelines of the Arab-African Forum in Aswan.


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