Liverpool Echo: Zidane wants to strengthen the real attack by a valid .. and an obstacle to solve the business


Real Madrid coach Zinedine Zidane wants to strengthen his team next season by hiring drivers Mohamed Salah and Eddin Hazard of Liverpool and Chelsea, according to English media.

The Liverpool Echo, near Liverpool, revealed that Zidane wants to strengthen the offensive side, joining the pair Salah and Hazzard to lead the Karim Benzema attack.

The club may find it difficult to complete the deal with Salah not wanting Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp to sell Salah this summer.

If Real failed to complete the deal with Salah, attention would be paid to Eintracht Frankfurt striker Luka Jović, who was close to transferring to Mirangi for 60 million euros.

In his second season with the Reds, Salah managed to score the league's top scorer after scoring 22 goals with Reds to equalize with Liverpool's Sadio Mani and Arsenal striker Peer Emeric Obamyang.

It is noteworthy that the French press confirmed Real Madrid's entry into preliminary negotiations with Salah to move to the Royal this summer (See details).

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