Lake pharmacist killed his uncle with 4 bullets


The prosecutor's office at Kafr El Dawar police station in Beheira province has killed a pharmacist with his uncle with four bullets and wounded his wife and daughter in shootings due to disagreements over the ownership of a house in the Akrisha area in the city of Kafr El Dawar.

Maj. Gen. Jamal al-Rashidi, director of lake security, informed General Hossam Abu Wafa, head of investigations at the Kafr El-Dawar police station, of the general hospital: Ahmed Ahmed, 75, "A housewife aged 65 with a shot in the left knee through two inlet and outlet openings "and his daughter Iman, 39, housewife with a shot in the abdomen to her right.

Investigating agents led by Brigadier Hazem Ezzat, head of the Criminal Investigation Section, Colonel Hani Sobhi, a criminal investigation officer and Major Hossam Abu Wafa, head of investigations at the Kafr El Dawar Police Department, investigated the issue of the wounded. Pharmacist) and resident in the same area because of disagreements about the house "heritage" evolved into a fight, which was followed by a shot of a firearm was in possession of an injury causing the death of the first and the body was placed in the morgue hospital.

Officers of the Section Investigation Unit were able to apprehend the accused and the weapon used. "Tabanga Helwan marks 9mm, with the number 975349 in its own treasury. The license for" defense "issued by Kafr El Dawar is licensed.

In the face of the accused, he confessed to having committed the incident for the same reason: the weapons were seized and the procedure to revoke the license and assign the security services necessary to observe the case was in progress.


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