Ismaili tests Algerian and Shami medically before facing production


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Citing the seventh-day site on Saturday, November 17, 2018.

The Ismaili wing of Tunisia for Saad Al-Jazairi and Mohammed Al-Shamy undergo a medical examination in the coming days to finalize their position to confront the production of war,

The Tunisian star suffers from rupture of the macrophage muscle while the shamy undergoes macrophage hardening and the bilateral is undergoing intensive rehabilitation training under the supervision of the medical apparatus led by Dr. Saleh Al-Shamy.

Darwish is preparing to face war production next Wednesday at Ismailia Stadium in the 15th week of the Premier League.

Ismaili is 14 with 13 points, while the production of war is the fifth with 19 points.

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