Institute of Astronomical Research announces the first days of Ramadan


Edition: Mohamed Fathi
April 28, 2019 – 06:07 PM

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File photo

Dr. Jad al-Qadi, president of the Institute for Astronomical Research, said that the month of Ramadan will begin on Monday, May 6, and that there are specialized committees to see the Crescent through coordination with the Egyptian House of Ifta and the Civil Research Authority. In the provinces to check the visibility of the crescent.
Al-Qadi added that the institute will hold a press conference on Sunday (May 5) to announce the results of the vision, in addition to the decision of the Egyptian Fatwa House early in Ramadan.

He pointed out that the research institute knows well through astronomical calculations the times and data in which the crescent is born and is on the horizon, pointing out that the committees go to the specified places to see the crescent according to legal advice.
He explained that the committees are composed of a group of members of the National Astronomical Research Institute, as well as the Civil Area Authority;


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