Saturday , October 23 2021

Important Tips Before Installing the New Update for Windows


Microsoft is scheduled to begin the end of May by releasing the new major update for Windows 10, which is referred to as the May update. But before you run to install this update, which will bring you many new features, you should follow some important tips.

According to the US company, some settings and conditions may lead to failure to install large updates automatically on computers running Windows 10.

Before you install the next major update (version 1903), the company first checks to install the latest update that was released in October 2018 (version 1809).

The user can view the system version by typing the "winver" command in the search scope. If the installed version is still 1803, the user must download the Update Wizard program that loads and installs the pending work updates.

For its part, the German portal Tilterv informs that sufficient time is allocated for major functional updates, which takes from two to five hours, depending on the computer and the Internet connection.

Error messages can be avoided during the installation of the update by removing external USB storage or SD memory cards. It is also preferable to disable anti-virus software or software to improve the speed of your computer's work.

For added security, the German portal recommends backing up data to an external storage medium before installing major updates.

The next update will bring you new features such as the ability to change the background color of the Start menu and the taskbar from dark black to light blue. Also in the new separate voice plugin update "Courtana" for Windows search, and has a special button to run it.

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