Important decisions by Tamer Morsi on the structuring of DMC, ON, CBC and life


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The Executive Committee for the management of United TV channels, chaired by Tamer Morsi, president of the United Media Services Company, met and decided to launch intersectoral sectors at the four networks level to unify the auxiliary departments of the production sectors.

Decisions included the appointment of Ibrahim Ali to the head of the production and operation sector, the appointment of Ihab Abuzaid as director of the senior channel producer and the appointment of Ahmed Sehem as director of the edition of the dmc and CBC networks, and appointment of Sherif Al-Tuni as director of the networks of life management and ON TV.

The commission's decisions included the appointment of Mahmoud Anis, director of the preparation and implementation of the dmc and CBC networks, and the appointment of Mohamed Bakri, the director of the implementation of the two life and ontv networks.


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