I was at peace with my bride after the exam


A video was posted on the social networking sites of a young man hugging and kissing girls in front of Al-Zahra Secondary School in Abu Bakir, Sharkia province, after several days of circulation of the section, young people and girls were identified and identified . In accordance with the Student Discipline Regulations and refer them to a Psychological Rehabilitation Committee
It was found that the incident occurred at the end of the first semester of the school.

The Directorate of Education issued a formal statement to the student and the security services examined the video rolling and accompanied the girls and young people who showed up and after reaching the family confirmed that he was preaching to one of the girls he kissed, the last day of the examination and spontaneously raised his chest and did not know that there is a person filming

Delivery itself

The student delivered the same hero to the security services in the Security Directorate of the East and was trapped in the background of the fact that the video "incubation", which seemed to embrace some students in school, "Zahra" preparatory city of Abu Kabir.

General Jarir Mustafa, security director in the east, received a notification from Maj. Gen. Mohamed Wali, director of criminal investigation, stating that Ahmed Al-22, a resident of Abu Kabir, surrendered because he was accused of involvement in one of the videos in social networking sites. Where he reported that he was offering the speech of one of the girls who appeared in the video, and that the security services continued with his family to hand him over.

Activists from the social networking site were circulating a video of a young man hugging and accepting girls in front of a school and appearing in the video, student's sense of their bodies and accepting one of them in an antithetical scene.


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