I got involved in Ahmad al-Fishawi for that reason.


The artist, Nahed Al-Sibai, said that the film "The American Game" went through many difficult circumstances, explaining: "Artist Ahmad Al-Fishawi apologized for the film two days after filming began and his reasons, but not for productive reasons, because he got 40% of the value of his salary. "

"I'm satisfied with the format of the film, and I hope it goes the way my father wanted," Sibai told an interview with media producer Samar Yusri on ENE's "Concert 11" program.

"I was in contact with Ahmad al-Feshawi after he apologized for his role in the film, because I have a strong family relationship with me because my father was a close friend of Farouq al-Fishawi.I did not expect this to happen to me. "


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