Honer is preparing to put a phone with three cameras


The new phone promises its users to move the picture rules to a new level

Honor, the leading smartphone brand, is about to officially launch its new phone, called Honor 10i.

The new phone promises users the benefits of innovative photography, reflecting the seriousness of Honer's commitment to improving the photographic experience of the millennia and post-millennium generations, the company said.

Hooner has always emphasized that he always seeks to provide users with smart cameras that can automatically apply settings to get perfect shots at one time and reduce shooting, editing, and editing times.

"The release date is approaching," said Chris Snipiagong, director of the brand. Honest "We are always looking for bold steps toward the future, which we have now," he said. "The company plays a key role in training and driving concepts of performance, advanced technology and innovation."

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"We see that the smartphone has become one of the most influential elements in the decision to acquire a smartphone, a very important selling point for customers. We are committed to supporting our offer of superior camera capabilities and tracking customer expectations of value quality at an affordable price. "

The Honor 10i is Honer's gift for photography enthusiasts. The new handset features three lenses that can capture wide angles and apply color-adjustment features for sharper, more professional images.

The phone comes with an improved two-color design and an enhanced Sylvie camera as well as powerful hardware to ensure a smart phone experience at a competitive price.


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