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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Immigration and Tourism is tracking the incident of a large number of Egyptians working in Kuwait with a travel and tourism agency that registered their tickets back to Egypt via the Internet but were surprised to cancel reservations before traveling by the booking company in Egypt. They asked Kuwait Airport for the Egyptian company to cancel the reservation without giving reasons or refund the tickets.

Nabila Makram, Rania Al Mashat, Minister of State for Migration, Egyptian Affairs Abroad and tourists were also invited to form a committee composed of representatives of the Ministries, the Consumer Protection Agency and the Chamber of Tourism Companies to follow the bad practices and get the benefits of affected citizens.

The Ministry of Immigration confirmed that it was agreed to pay the two companies claimed by the Egyptians to Kuwait, the value of the tickets totally affected, and if agreed to open an account at the Chamber of Tourism companies will be transferred the compensation amounts to the affected, reminding that any affected citizen, Committee, to obtain compensation for the canceled ticket amount.

Ahmed Abbas, son of Al-Buhaira, a mathematics teacher in Kuwait who paid £ 42,000 for his family to return to his hometown of Beheira, said he was surprised by a text message on his cell phone asking him to pay tickets as soon as possible. Otherwise, he will cancel the reservation and pay the full amount of "Online," forcing him to take some steps to investigate and was surprised to undergo a monumental operation that killed many Egyptians in Kuwait who paid the tickets twice.

"We book airline tickets through the famous" Wigo "search engine, which specializes in airfare reservations, and this is not the first time to handle this engine for myself and others, he added. site and booking company were chosen from different airlines, the booking was confirmed by us and the tickets were sent by email, we contacted the airlines confirming that the reservation was available and paid for it.

He noted that we were surprised by the arrival of emails and text messages on the phone that the tickets will be canceled if the payment is not paid even though we have already paid, and contacting the airlines told us that the broker worked for recover the value of the tickets on May 23, and asking about the mediator turned out to be a popular tourism company in Egypt "We file a complaint to the Attorney General and civil aviation in Kuwait and so far we have not been able to recover our seized money , which is equivalent to approximately KM 1,8 million, equivalent to 100 million pounds sterling. "

The search engine maker, Wigo, has issued a statement about the problem posted on its site, which blamed the company and announced the removal of its search results. The company said in a statement: "Wejo users today contacted a customer service team to complain about the matter of reservations made with the Kuwait travel agency, and we immediately removed the dbki from the flight search results on wijo's website until the problem is solved. " Weigo is a travel search engine that helps travelers compare prices on hundreds of different travel sites, being an online travel agency that advertises tickets on our website, the company through which users paid and made reservations with them. Connect with Debki to try to find out exactly what happened and what can be done to help affected users. "

The company issued a statement on its Facebook page on its Facebook page, in which it blamed an Egyptian company accused of taking redemption action in retaliation by a tourism company with which Deby was dealing "When we were surprised to recover tickets through of an intermediary company in Egypt, This is a crime against the passengers, we were immediately fly to stop this bleeding from the wrong recovery, and we replied Kuwait Airways thanking them to preserve the rights of the traveler, unlike some other airlines, which unfortunately they have benefited from this return and indifference to the right of the passengers.

The statement added: "We have no arrears to any travel company in and out of Kuwait, but unfortunately there were two companies in financial matters between them and we were dealing with Metro Tourism, which was negotiating with another company within Egypt, We are very disappointed with these customers, and we are working with full capacity of the day to communicate with their customers and find a solution for their tickets, and we will begin to seek and raise cases in the company that canceled their customers' tickets.

For its part, AbuSamra Tourism Company issued a statement in which it denied responsibility for the problem, noting that it concerns one of the intermediary companies after deliberately failing to pay the airlines and tourism fees to deal with them and deliberately violate the payment of their payments to airlines and tourism, which separated them from the payment system through the aviation organization IATA, which caused serious damage to its customers and caused them direct damages, and also caused great harm to a group of Egyptian and international airlines and tourism and negatively impacted the aviation and travel system in Egypt.

The company stated its responsibility for the cancellation of any indirectly issued tickets with the referred company, and called on those affected to return to the companies that dealt with them directly.

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