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Hours after the opening of the biggest sporting event in Africa, fans of Egypt's round-robin tournament, which will host the African Nations Championship with the participation of 24 teams for the first time in the history of the tournament, will be divided into six groups, 21 from June to July 19.

With the first whistle to approach the first game of the tournament, players are interested in the rules of the game, especially in light of many changes to the football law this year, most recent that began in July of this year, and accompany the most important changes:

– Amendments of June 2019 FIFA, under the chairmanship of Gianni Infantino, has approved new amendments to the laws of football, which should be applied to all tournaments from June 1, according to the media and the official website of the Egyptian Football Federation .

– If the ball is stopped inside the box, the projection will be only for the goalkeeper, and if it is stopped outside the penalty area, the projection will be for one player and another for the ball before stopping.

– Players will not be allowed to stand against opponents' wall with opponents when mistakes hit, and if he stands by them and carry out the error is considered a mistake to the contrary. Parking team players with player errors are useless and cause loss of time and friction.

– Punishment of the sentence after the illegal celebration, as "removal of the shirt" and abolished the goal, the penalty remains and remains.

– Allow the player to receive the ball from his friend the same guard, although the player inside the penalty area, where it helps the speed to play.

– The team that wins the lottery has the right to choose the initial kick or the goal that attacks it. "Previously, if he wins by luck, the goalkeeper will attack him."

– When a player is changed, he must leave the stadium of the nearest exit line of the stadium, in order not to lose time.

– The penalty box can be treated or evaluated quickly by medical staff prior to implementation.

– The goalkeeper can not touch the bar or the net and must put at least a part of the foot in the line when the penalty is executed.

– Any touch of the hand is wrong, even if it is not deliberate.

– If the referee decides to declare a yellow or red card, but the other team makes a chance to register, the referee may postpone the card announcement until the end of the attack.

– Previously, if he decides to declare a red card, the referee suspends the game.

7 Changes In March 2019, at its annual general meeting in Aberdeen, Northern Ireland, the IFAB voted to "change" some laws, including decisions to close arbitration problems that arise when the ball is deliberately "touched" Sky News ".

– Targets marked with hand or weapon assistance, even if inadvertent, become null as of next season, according to the decisions of football legislators to make many changes in the rules of the game in the round and a decision of the Council on a more precise definition of the subject. Play the ball by hand, especially in cases where touching the ball is not intentional or accidental.

– The ability to swap players from the closest contact line to the stadium instead of going to the midfield in the technical area in an effort to stop wasting time with the players.

– The possibility of refereeing the yellow and red cards of the technical team members of clubs and teams as a result of misconduct, not just verbal expulsion.

– The goalkeeper can pass the ball to his teammates from inside the box and does not wait to leave the area as it was before.

– Give preference to the goalkeeper by putting a foot in the line during the penalty kick, not both feet as usual, and punish the players in the wall of the defense in case of misconduct.

– The referee may stop playing and release the ball in case of hitting or touching the ball.

FIFA Football Code Book 2018 2019 The Football Law Act of the Official FIFA Website, which began in June 2018, describes the changes in Law 2018/2019 as essentially an additional calculation process for the main review and was included after careful testing of two choices Two main competitions: the first uses an extra exchange in overtime, and the second: the use of the Video-Assisted Rule (VARS), subject to IFAB approval.

The first FIFA World Football Act was established in 1863 and in 1886 the IFAB Council was created by the British Football Association as a world body with primary responsibility for the development and preservation of laws. The International Football Federation (FIFA) for the International Federation of Football Association (IFAB) in 1913.

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