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The Eightieth Ordinary Ministerial Session of the Arab Economic Unity Council in Cairo, chaired by Yemen, began on Thursday.

The participants highlighted the need for concerted Arab efforts to promote joint Arab actions, intensify efforts to support the Arab economies and the need to adopt a strategy for the reconstruction of Arab countries affected by violence, terrorism and armed conflict.

At the beginning of his address, Ambassador Mohammed Al-Rabee, Secretary General of the Arab Economic Unity Council, paid tribute to President Abdelfattah Al-Sisi, who supports and supports joint Arab action, leading everyone to more success and thanked Egypt for hosting and supporting Arab labor institutions.

He urged the Arab countries to rebuild their natural resources instead of exporting them to the raw material to obtain additional materials for the Arab economy, and called for a reconsideration of economic programs to achieve economic development.

He noted that the Arab Economic Unity Council established 4 holdings and established rules for the private sector to have a solid base in the Arab economies by establishing specialized specialized Arab federations with 73 specialized associations, each operating as a joint Arab market in its field of competence.

He said these unions considered the vessels of hope for the Arab economies and the protection of Arab interests in light of the challenges faced by the countries of the region and noted that many topics and archives are very important and discussed the Beirut Summit for Sustainable Development. And how to manage these resources and how to direct the investment and production of goods needed to the countries of the region, which depends on imports from abroad, and explained that the Arab countries invest about $ 3 trillion outside their countries, pointing out that the Arabs only need to direct 800 billion Lar to achieve the prosperity and economic recovery of all Arab countries.

He pointed out that a fund with a capital of $ 200 million was created for the digital economy, noting that a strategy was developed to measure the capabilities of the Arab countries, praising the Egyptian plans for digital transformation and adding that a reconstruction item was put in place countries affected by terrorism. With a number of experts and studies to discuss how to deal with this subject, explaining that will be presented to a major international conference to be held next year. He underscored that the Arab Economic Unity Council aims to achieve the goals of sustainable development that the world met in 2017, calling for the importance of reviewing our programs to achieve our common interests.

He noted that the specialized Arab federations have faced all the Arab difficulties and are working within the framework of the Arab Economic Unity Council to achieve the aspirations of the Arab peoples.

Fathi Abdel Azim, the Egyptian delegate, called for the importance of increasing terms of trade between Arab countries, calling for a generalized Arab investment map to include all Arab countries.

He called on Arab federations specializing in intensifying intra-institutional investment and establishing more Arab enterprises, noting that investment and the means of Arab countries to achieve economic development required holding an investment conference to present all investment.

He also called for the importance of supporting the Arab Economic Unity Council to achieve its goals, expressing the hope that all Arab countries will emerge from their target and achieve stability.

The Sudanese delegate said that the Sudanese army has allied itself with the peaceful popular revolution to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the Sudanese people and expressed its confidence in the return of Sudan as an active country in joint Arab action, advocating the development of mechanisms to drive action joint Arab economy. Achieve Arab integration.

He urged the Iraqi representative to invest in his country, emphasizing the existence of many promising investment opportunities in Iraq, and explained that Iraq will continue to support joint action by the Arabs and actively participate in the Arab environment.

Said Abdo, chairman of the Arab Distributors Syndicate and chairman of the current session of the Arab trade unions, said that the Arab Economic Unity Council is facing many challenges and despite the lack of financial allocations, it has achieved several successes, more than 20 signed cooperation protocols with many countries. Monitor crises and disasters and develop a research and studies center in a number of Arab countries and set up an exhibition in the Arab world in Kenya, noting that there are 32 African countries that need joint investments with Arab countries in many areas and many opportunities for respond t products from Arab countries to African countries.

He stressed that most Arab investors investing outside the Arab world, and called for the importance of supporting the efforts of the Arab Economic Unity Council under these critical circumstances and supporting the specialized specialized Arab trade unions and the development of partnerships between entities in the era of the great blocks.

"Yemen, despite its difficult circumstances, can contribute positively to joint Arab action as it has no choice but to joint Arab action," said Riyad al-Akbari, the Yemeni delegate, whose country took over the presidency of the current session . He called for the importance of supporting the efforts of the Arab Economic Unity Council and partnering with the private sector. During the Arab trade unions, specialized in dealing with unprecedented challenges in the contemporary Arab world and the mobilization of Arab resources to accompany scientific progress and technological development, he also defended the importance of improving the structure of the Arab economy and rely on the economy digital. The challenges of development and extremist thinking and the development of mechanisms for the Arab economy to move forward.

He called for a comprehensive study on the reconstruction of Arab countries affected by war and armed conflict and the establishment of a joint Arab vision that strengthens the presence in international forums and the importance of achieving sustainable development and a decent life for Arab citizens and focus the development of Arab resources and the balance between the interests of large and small projects. Recommendations of the Arab summits and the recommendations of the last session of specialized Arab federations and support to the Palestinian people in the face of current challenges aimed at the settlement of the Palestinian cause, highlighting the role of Yemen Support for the rights and struggle of the Palestinian people and the establishment of their Independent state with Jerusalem as its capital.

The Palestinian delegate, Muhannad al-Akluk, thanked the leadership, government and people of Egypt for hosting the Arab labor institutions, emphasizing Palestine's interest in preserving the Arab Economic Unity Council, which operates 73 specialized Arab labor unions in many fields of the private sector.

He praised the title of the session of specialized Arab federations held last week in Cairo, "Jerusalem, the capital of the State of Palestine" to address the difficult challenges facing the Palestinian issue, noting that the Palestinian people still have important documents to deal with this aggression that attacks the rights of the Palestinian people.

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