Highlights 7 new features that must be supported by iOS 13


All those who are interested in technology are waiting for the Apple Developers' World Congress 2019 – to be held in June in San Jose – to see all the details of the update of the iOS operating system, with the official version of iOS 13 officially released .

Until then, rumors and reports will appear regularly – as usual – on the update of the operating system, but recently a new report – citing people familiar with the development of the system – revealed that Apple is preparing to launch iOS 13 with the feature Dark Mode at the system level, and other new features that will provide the best user experience.

Here are the top 7 new features that must be supported by iOS 13:

1- Dark Mode Dark Mode:

    Highlights 7 new features that must be supported by iOS 13

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The dark feature is one of the most important features that IOS users have been waiting for a long time. They already exist on Android, Chrome, and YouTube, and if Google offers this feature, Apple always needs to provide it.

As a result, this feature will reach iOS 13 andIt will work the same way. On MacOS Mojave, which can be activated in system settings, to make it easier to view your phone's screen at night and reduce battery consumption.

2 – Undo gestures:

    Highlights 7 new features that must be supported by iOS 13

Users of the current version of IOS complain that there is no standard setback, in which the device now needs to be agitated – whether for iPhone or iPad – but Apple seems to be working to improve the systemwide undo feature on iOS 13.

The new feature starts with a three-finger click on the keyboard, dragging to the left to retract, dragging to the right to repeat, and selecting multiple items at once will become easier with multi-toed drawers.

3. Multitasking:

The report notes that iOS 13's biggest focus will be on productivity, and with the addition of new gestures to allow multiple items to be selected, we'll see significant improvements in iPad users' multitasking. It's possible to run multiple windows for one application, grouped, moved anywhere, displayed side by side and individually handled.

4. Important improvements to the email application:

Finally, the Apple Mail application will receive some improvements, which are expected by IOS users. The app can organize messages in categories like shopping, travel, shopping, and search in these categories. Users can also add messages to a queue called: Read Later, for later reference.

5. Redesigning the main screen:

    Highlights 7 new features that must be supported by iOS 13

A new home screen was expected to appear on iOS 12 on the iPhone and iPad, but Apple preferred to focus on system stability and performance at the time, so the main screen redesign is expected to be the focus this time around .

6. Safari browser enhancements:

IPad users suffer from the difficulty of permanently accessing the desktop version of the sites, where sites offer their own version of the iPhone, even when running on iPads with a big screen, and the most popular sites are YouTube, forcing users to rely on Ask Desktop Location button. But on iOS 13, Safari will, by default, provide a desktop version of the sites, rather than a mobile version.

7. Camera Enhancements:

    Highlights 7 new features that must be supported by iOS 13

Apple is expected to focus on adding new features to the camera app, such as Photo Processing, similar to the Google Night Vision feature on their phones. Now if you take photos with your Apple iPhone XS phone and Google Pixel 3 is poorly lit, the images that will be captured on Google's phone will see them significantly better, making the Apple phone look old.

It is also expected that iOS 13 will increase the duration of videos captured by Live Photos, because the current duration of 3 minutes is considered too short for some.


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