Highlight 5 smart chargers for smartphones


While smartphones are evolving and supporting many features, battery life remains a weakness for many, which is a problem for many users, so most phones have a fast charging technology that can charge up to 50 %. Very few, but unfortunately you will not be able to take advantage of this technology as long as you use the traditional chargers that come with these phones.

There have been some major improvements in smartphone charging speeds in recent years with many different fast charging patterns and new charging techniques. Now it is possible to connect the phone for only 15 minutes with the appropriate quick charger and get a good charge rate for the battery.

The following are the top 5 smartphone chargers:

note: Before you begin, note that the chargers we will look at today have not been tested with all phone models. Some phone manufacturers insist that there are special charging patterns, which means that third-party chargers – even those that use open standards such as Power Delivery – They can not charge their phones as fast as possible, so the fast charging devices mentioned in this article have been tested on the following phones: iPhone X, Google Pixel 3, Huawei P20 Pro,RoNot Moto G7

1-Charger RavPower Ultrathin:

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Highlight 5 smart chargers for smartphones

  • 45W Charger
  • Port: USB-C

RavPower Ultrathin is one of the most important high-speed chargers on the market, capable of delivering up to 45 watts of power and is manufactured in-house according to GaN technology, an abbreviation for gallium nitride and gallium nitride. The loaders are smaller in size, with higher loading speed.

This charger comes with a foldable wall outlet for easy movement and has a single USB-C port that can save up to 45 watts. That means you can use this charger to charge many modern smartphones at full speed.

The charger supports intelligent sensor technology that recognizes the device and provides optimum charging efficiency for your device through 5 output levels (5V / 3A, 9V / 3A, 12V / 3A, 15V / 3A, 20V / 2.25A) .

It also supports the standard Power Delivery 3.0 so that it can send the latest phones to Samsung, Huner, Huawei, Xiaomi and perhaps some other phones.

This charger also supports charging of tablet PCs such as the iPad and even notebooks such as MacBook, Pixelbook and Nintendo Switch. Another thing you may like in this charger is that it does not have excessive lighting that can bother you while you sleep, and is available for $ 55.

2- Anker PowerPort Speed ​​PD 30 Charger:

Highlight 5 smart chargers for smartphones

  • 30W Charger
  • Port: USB-C

Anker is one of the leading companies in the production of high-speed chargers and its PowerPort Speed ​​PD 30 charger offers up to 30 watts, enough to charge almost any phone at full speed.

This charger comes with foldable arms for easy transport, and has a USB-C port, and there's also a faint blue LED indicator that glows when connected.

One of the features of this charger is the right price, which costs only $ 26, and if you are looking for a replacement that can be used as a laptop charger, the PowerPort Speed ​​1 version has a design Himself, But it can save up to 60 watts and will cost you $ 10 extra.

3- Mu An International Charger:

Highlight 5 smart chargers for smartphones

  • 45W Charger
  • Port: USB-C

The Mu One charger combines slim and sleek design with PD technology for fast and adaptable charging and GaN technology that delivers over 90% energy efficiency. For high quality performance, this charger has an integrated, automatically detectable chip. It connects and thus connects the ideal charging device.

The charger is ideal for those who travel a lot. It comes with three 220 volt or 110 volt sockets that are easy to replace, just switch to the right socket for the country you are visiting and a single USB-C port that can provide up to 45 watts of power, available at about $ 80.

Highlight 5 smart chargers for smartphones

This charger can charge any smartphone quickly and you can also use it to charge your laptop, tablet or other device. There are versions with a standard USB-A port but no GaN Fast technology inside, so it will not load quickly.

4- Universal Charger Fuse Chicken:

  • 18W Charger
  • Port: USB-C and USB-A

The Fuse Chicken Universal is the all-in-one, combining wired charging, cordless charging and a 6700mAh battery with two ports: USB-C and USB-A.

This charger offers up to 18 watts per hour, which means you can quickly charge the iPhone XS or Pixel 3. This was already done during the test, but did not send all the phones quickly while you were able to charge the Moto G7 quickly, Huawei P20 Pro was not released as quickly as needed.

The charger comes with replaceable connectors with folding arms, but that's not all, because this smart device is also a wireless charging panel that can charge the Pixel 3, or iPhone, wireless and up to 10 watts of wireless charge, all It offers you only $ 85.

5- Moshi Symbus Charger Q:

Highlight 5 smart chargers for smartphones

  • 60W Charger
  • Ports: USB-C port and two USB-A ports

The Moshi Symbus Q comes with a sleek, modern design and features a standard USB-C cable that can save up to 60 watts so you can charge all your devices quickly.

It is also designed for use with laptops, has a Gigabit Ethernet internet port and an HDMI port to connect a 4K screen. In addition, you'll find two USB-A ports in the front, making it the ideal choice for USB flash drive or old device charging cables.

In addition, the top is a Qi-certified wireless charging board that can provide up to 10 watts of wireless charge – loads wirelessly Pixel 3 and iPhone X at full speed – beautifully designed with a cloth surface and a geometric design Prevents that the phone slides when charging wirelessly and a polished aluminum base with bevelled edges.


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