Here the query phone ground floor the month of April 2019 number on your TE phone site link to "three month system" and the refund of old and current invoices


Egyptian Telecommunications Co. is preparing to allow all users to phone the ground floor customer service ask about Phone bill for April 2019 Through the official website during the middle of next month and extend the consultation operations until the middle of May, so that all customers could recognize the value of land phone 2019 account and current and former accounts, also will not lose sight of the role Egyptian communication to facilitate consultation on the process of customers and also many places that determine whereby the value of the invoices borrowed can be paid.

Land Phone Bill

The Egyptian company Telecom sets up the three-month payment system and the annual payment system. The 2019 phone bill includes the three-month system for January, April, July and October. Those who were unable to pay the April account will travel to the following month plus the late payment penalty.

Phone bill for April 2019

Through the lines of the article, we will learn about the query on the land phone bill for the month of April 2019 via TE site link steps:

Can all followers of that data are recorded through the comments we will bring the value of the invoice immediately after the issuance of the Egyptian telecommunications company also all customers can pay bills through their own bank account or all the immediate units scattered throughout the Republic, and finally through the very PABX Telecom Egypt.

All TE customers can record their data through comments on the current billing value for April as soon as they are issued and previous invoices indicating that the April phone bill amount may include personal consumption and subscription value every three months.

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