He lived 36 years inside a wooden box .. The death of "Uncle Abdo" after 4 months of purity



Monday, April 1, 2019

Al-Daqahlia – Rami Mahmoud:

He was not allowed to live among the walls of a natural room like any other human being. He was chosen by death only four months after being transferred to the house of old age. He spent 36 years before living in a wooden box, which does not protect its cold winter flakes. The end of the journey "Uncle Abdo" sad as the details of the predestined details of the center of Tahta in the province of Sohag to Mansoura in Dakahlia.

On November 25 last year, "Masrawy" published the story of "Abdou" under the title "Video and Photos" – Uncle Abdo ".. an old tale lived 36 years inside a wooden box."

Just a few hours after the publication of the report, a delegation from the Rapid Intervention team of the Social Solidarity Directorate in Dakahlia, along with several young people, moved to the nursing home for the elderly and elderly in the center of Nabroh to spend only 124 days .

The story of "Uncle Abdo," told "Masrawi" has begun since he came to the city of Mansoura from the city of Tahta, Sohag province, after he lost his mother, who associated him throughout his life to establish himself in a wooden hut next to the shrine of the city of Sheikh Hassanein Mansoura.

"Abdo's uncle said he worked on collecting fruit in the 1960s with his mother until she died deciding to leave the village without returning at age 38, and promised not to return to that town again after losing the most precious and precious people.

The elderly complained about their poor living condition after their wooden box was turned into a house where he was drowning in the heavy rain.

Uncle Abdo's story interacted with a large number of benefactors, and the Social Solidarity Directorate, and was transferred to the House of Elders until his death on Monday night.

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