Hala Sedqi for the seventh day: "I heard the sound Almvbark felt it was my voice .. And we are a fighter"


Hala Sedqi said the video attributed to her, directing words to her fellow artists is fabricated, explaining: "The video is a picture of him, and the sound was the sound of the trees and people working together in the series, but I did not speak to him until the last video I said and said that we are sinners in the cold, because the two suns are absent because we watched some scenes. "

She added in a special painting for the "seventh day", I was surprised by the voice in the video and the words, and it was actually on my account in the "Instagram" I discovered that a person worked a breakthrough for my account, and got the video on what words to my colleagues.

She continued: "I myself did not hear the sound I felt to be my voice, but I knew then that in programs of sound change and I have long before that, and I am very weak in technology, and I do not know mean penetration Eh, even the proof of which they were speaking Mkhdosh speaking Shafeef They are not applicable to the words of the Beatles. "

"I am an artist, not a physician, and if I insult him, he would still curse me." I am a violinist and my parents know that I am always saying that my fraternal countries, my sisters and my companions are motivated by them. the soft power, whether intellectuals, representatives or writers are struggling from the outside, and themselves, in any error, Lina. "

The video was published to the detriment of the artist Hala Sedqi through her account on the website "Instagram", in which a group of workers filmed a series and guaranteed similar voice and directed the abuse of the workers of the series, describing them as "Grapes and slag ".


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