Haifa Wehbe is sure that Arwa has health: "Praise God, you become my brother



Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Written by Bahira Foda:

Haifa Wehbe reassured her colleagues, Yemeni singer and host Arwa, about her health after sending a letter to Haifa reassuring her after suffering a health problem during the last period.

"Thank God, I'm fine and thank you for your warm interest," Haifa wrote in her tweets to Arroy on her Twitter account.

Arwa sent him a message saying, "The assurance of your heart hiava my love, and God willing, Tmena for your health is not near, Bilbklk is not not a moon and its supplier and sweet and rich as Mante Daima. "

It is worth mentioning that Haifa Wehbe published yesterday a series of photos in the hospital, which raised the concern of lovers and followers.


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