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Google does not rule out closing Google News service in Europe

Google has refused to rule out the idea of ​​shutting down its Google News news service in the European Union, where the giant faces a fierce battle with Brussels over EU plans to tax the links used in the news. Unwanted closure of services, however, the company is very concerned about the current proposals, which are intended to compensate obsolete news publishers if snippets of their articles appear in the search results.

"The future of Google News may depend on whether the EU is ready to change the wording of legislation," the news department vice president told The Guardian newspaper. "We can not make a decision until we see the final version." Charging for Google vs. Links, which happened in Spain in 2014, the company responded by closing the Google News service in the country.

Spain has issued a law requiring aggregators to pay for news links in an effort to support the print media. Google responded by closing the service to Spanish consumers, causing less traffic to the Spanish news sites. "We do not want to see this," said Richard Gingras. It's happening in Europe, and what we want to do now is work with the stakeholders. "

Traditional news editors face a difficult relationship with Google, where they are guilty of receiving so much advertising revenue that they support the print media. However, many rely heavily on Google News to direct millions of readers to their sites, which can help increase digital revenue.

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Google exerted strong pressure against the relevant European legislation that would introduce a "link tax", known as Article 11 Article, and the Facility Legislation called Article 13 Article, which is designed to ensure that content is uploaded to content sent to sites as YouTube, The proposals are largely members of the European Parliament.

Google hopes to influence the European Commission and EU member states before it is ratified. The EU is one of the few organizations large enough to impose changes on major technology companies such as Google and Facebook, which in turn do not want to lose access to 500 million European citizens. Brussels is at the center of many battles over the future of the Internet.

The executive claimed that the proposed tax could affect the ability of new news sites to find an audience through Google, and that this could lead consumers to see less news in the search results, and also pointed out that Google News was not a lucrative business. To the company directly.

Richard acknowledged that the company encouraged users to spend more time on company websites, but the news service does not include ads, and is not a revenue generating product for Google. "We believe it to be valuable as a service to society and we are proud to have it as desirable." People ".

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