Gold prices on Friday, 23-11-2018 in Egyptian goldsmiths


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Gold prices on Friday 23/11/2018 at the Egyptian goldsmith shops of Arab News site on Friday, November 23, 2018.

We offer you a comprehensive report on Gold Prices Today Friday, 23-11-2018 in the stores of the Egyptian sagha, where he is witnessing Gold prices in Egypt A turbulent situation due to the instability of the dollar in the Egyptian banks, the The price of the dollar Rose with the price of yellow metal, and operates The price of gold Much of the public as investors who save money on gold bars and owners of goldsmiths and young people near the wedding, and prices are updated as they change throughout the day.

Gold prices on Friday 23-11-2018

Witnesses Gold prices in Egypt His condition of gradual decline, where he attained Price of a gram of gold 21 gauge, which is the most widespread in the sale and purchase of 613 pounds, in front of the 18 gauge reached 526 pounds, it is worth noting that these prices do not include the labor price estimated at 2% of the price of grams.

Caliber Price without finish Price in USD Caliber 699 le 22 EGP 641 Caliber 21 612 LE $ 33.46 18 gauge EGP 525 14 408 LE $ 22.29 Caliber 350 LE $ 19.10 The pound gold price 4,896 LE $ 267.70 The price of an ounce of gold EGP 21,752 Price per pound of gold $ 699,429 LE $ 38,244.18

Gold Prices Today

The price of silver today in the Egyptian market

Witnesses Silver prices in Egypt The situation of relative stability, where prices vary slightly between the increase in some periods and then fall back and scored The price of a thousand British silver today Caliber 95.8, the amount of 8.06 pounds, while the price of pure silver 99.9, registered the amount of 8.40 pounds, and the following is a silver price chart today.

Caliber Name in the Egyptian market Price in Egyptian Pounds Caliber 80 Silver Jewelry 6.70 lbs. Caliber Silver Coins 7.54 pounds Caliber 92.5 Sterling silver Caliber 95.8 British Silver Caliber 99.9 Pure Silver 8.37 lbs. The price of an ounce of silver Silver oz 260.42 lbs

Factors Affecting Gold Prices in Egypt

The price of gold in Egypt changes depending on the change The price of the dollar In official banks, as well as oil barrels and global stock exchanges, the supply and demand situation Yellow metalSince it is normal to raise the price of any goods when rising demand, and gold prices may see some disparities from one trader to another, is worth between a pound or two pounds, and faces The price of gold This period is a decrease in caliber, whether of caliber 24 or 21, which is the most traded in the Egyptian market.

Update: The price of one gram of gold today

Simple increase in The price of gold today Friday 23-11-2018 in the market after the trading yesterday, where the record The price of gold today 21 caliber of 612 pounds while the record 18 caliber value of 525 pounds while the price of the gold pound marked 4,896, gold traders 699,429 pounds, and an ounce of gold 21,752 pounds, andThe price of gold It is linked to several factors, including the law of supply and demand, and also the price of the dollar in the Egyptian market, both in the official banks and in the black market, follow us and we will inform you of any change that happens Price of a gram of gold.

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