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Gold Prices in Egypt Updated Now

The price of gold in Egypt has stabilized for the second consecutive day, in line with the stability of the price of gold ounces globally, a large group of people around the world, especially the Arab world to buy gold, not only those who get married but the large number of people looking to save money By buying gold instead of converting to other currencies may cause future losses where the 21 gauge stabilized and is currently the most bought from the jeweler's stores at 612 pounds per gram.

Gold prices in Egypt on Monday

With the stability of the price of the ounce globally at $ 1286, all gold coins installed in the jeweler's stores, and established gold, which weighs 8 grams to 4896 pounds, and here is the price of gold in the stores now:

CaliberPrice in Egyptian pound against Gram
Caliber 24699
Caliber 21612
Caliber 18525
Golden oz$ 1286

And ask a lot about the difference in the price of gold from goldsmith to another, due to the value of labor, which is determined first according to the form, knowing that the manufacturing value starts at 5 pounds per gram, which is common work and up to 20 pounds per gram.

We choose you.

What factors affect the price of gold globally?

Economists are predicting the price of gold in Egypt today based on several factors: the price of the dollar, the supply and demand of the purchase of gold, the tendency of investors to invest their money in the yellow metal and finally the production of gold.

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